PhePhe George-Mosbey

Rise offers immersive, knowledge-rich, real world energy experience that was formulated to provide you with the skills to enrich your future. Whether you’re new to the industry and/or want to advance your career, our Ascend educational programs will drastically enhance your ability to obtain a successful career in the natural gas industry. 

We offer 3 unique natural gas educational programs, all of which include trading, scheduling, accounting, and risk management knowledge. No matter your place in the industry, our courses were created to teach you specifically how the industry flows so that you will always know exactly how you fit into the natural gas value supply chain.

Our Ascend Online is open to anyone who wants to find out about the oil and gas industry from a physical, operational and financial point of view. From the beginning to the end Rise covers it all. We will give our students an overview of what makes the industry flow, and we drill down into the more specific mechanics such as the physical, operational, and financial point of view. 

Learn is a set of online courses that will radically transform the natural gas industry (and its steep learning curve) as we know it. Once completed, these courses will have given you a rich, holistic understanding of natural gas topics including the buying, selling, storing, and transport of natural gas, the buying and settling of derivatives, as well as the controls and accounting procedures.

"Ascend is designed to make you a powerful asset to any energy company from day 1."

Additionally, Rise offers the knowledge of Energy Trading Solutions at the university level with Ascend University. Our program is available to U.S. based universities and institutions who have a desire for their undergraduate or graduate students to learn practical information concerning the natural gas supply chain, from the point of production all the way to consumer demand. 

The basic course can be taught in a standard semester. Topics include contract administration, the buying, selling, transporting and storing of natural gas, the buying and settling of derivatives, and the controls and accounting procedures – which are the exact same topics covered daily at any natural gas energy company! Ascend university prepare students in such a way that they can become a key player at any energy company. 

"The incredibly interactive nature of our course, infused with real-world simulations, makes it hard to forget and even harder to not enjoy."

Our third educational program, Ascend Corporate, comes at the corporate level and is designed for professionals. This program is a series of accredited continuing education courses that are specifically helpful for those whom are already in the natural gas industry. We also offer seminars and intensives for entire companies. 

“Ascend Corporate provides you with the means to develop new skills, learn new areas and to differentiate yourself from the competition in order to advance in this career.”

Through each of the 3 Ascend educational programs, Rise is confident that we can provide the natural gas industry with a well-versed work force that can boast a plethora of skill sets. You can find out more about learning the ins and outs of the industry today by contacting the Rise team and letting us know what you are interested in at https://www.risesolutions.net/education.