PhePhe George-Mosbey

Rise provides a powerful, cost-cutting, and experience-based ETRM system that was developed to increase efficiency, reduce cost, and help you work smarter. Our ETRM software seamlessly implements your data pulled from the feeds, and transforms them into visual, analytical, and transactional components.


Transactional will be able to handle every aspect of your operation’s natural gas transactional life-cycle. No longer will you have to integrate multiple systems together in order to track your trading, scheduling, transport, storage, accounting, and risk management of natural gas. Transactional does it all in one place, seamlessly and accurately.


Our Analytical component provides smoother closes and accountability for your company across the board by automatically identifying anomalies, notifying your staff, and allowing them to correct any information that is out of the ordinary on a real-time basis. Analytics provides management easy access to daily profit tracking and all other data in question for further analysis, correction or authorization. 


Lastly, our visual element gives decision-makers targeted and graphical insights into their natural gas operation’s trading, scheduling, storage, accounting, and reporting data. You will be able to analyze the pulse of your business real-time from a high-level or drill-down perspective in a way that has never been possible before.  Visual is also compatible with any ETRM system.

ETRM Solution

With Rise as your partner and the ability to utilize a top-of-the-line ETRM system, you will be empowered to grow your business without taking on the tremendous overhead that accompanies growth. To schedule a demo and find out more on how Rise can specifically benefit your business contact us at https://www.risesolutions.net/products.