PhePhe George-Mosbey

Rise Services is a solutions company built with over 25 years of providing critical business solutions to major energy clients in the natural gas industry and partners based on our proven industry knowledge.  

"Our mission is to create innovative solutions using the most powerful technology available, empower our clients through streamlined services, and to prepare the next generation for the booming energy industry." - Frank Pena, Managing Director

Our company’s legacy of success spans back to the mid 80’s when our founders, a group of Gas Industry Experts, began developing energy systems. Since then, the team that powers Rise has been at the forefront of many of the systemic and technological innovations that have helped the natural gas industry get to where it is today. After Rise’s founding company was incorporated in 1993, our solution has been and continues to be systematically improved. Coming in 2020, the latest generation of our ETRM solution, EnergyFlow, will not only continue to provide dependable transactional management but introduce amazing analytics and real-time visualization to its portfolio.

In our continuous effort to provide the best solutions for our clients, Rise’s team continues to be heavily involved and instrumental in bringing the significant benefits of Blockchain to the natural gas industry.   

Through the combination of Rise’s one-of-a-kind EnergyFlow ETRM solution, personalized services, and Ascend educational programs, we are confident that we can both improve your business and optimize your Energy Trading and Risk Management processes.

"Our solutions span the entire gamete of the value chain from source transactions through the business process to settlements and reporting. We do it all."

The benefits of Rise are vast, but the key asset factors are that Rise directly decreases the amount of days it takes to close, boosts our client’s productivity, and supplies the natural gas industry with a well-versed work force that can boast a plethora of skill sets. 

Keep up to date with our blog posts to find out more about our top of the line ETRM Solution, Services, and Ascend educational programs to see how Rise can benefit you.