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Rise Services is introducing an innovative Trader End-of-Day Sign-Off for the Natural Gas Marketplace. For over 25 years Rise has provided proven solutions that span the entire gamete of the value chain from source transactions through the business process to settlements and reporting. We believe our new Trader EOD Sign-Off will help to more seamlessly and accurately manage, analyze, and optimize your Energy Trading and Risk Management processes within the natural gas industry.

Rise’s new Trader EOD Sign-Off is a corporate control that was created to greatly reduce company risk. This enhancement is a verification process that ensures the accuracy of payables and receivables for both physical and financial trades. Instead of the previously optional manual safety measure, our Trader EOD Sign-Off allows for technological automation which makes the process run smoother and easier.

In order to promote corporate compliance with this enhancement, Rise sends out same day alerts, next morning alerts, and next morning compliance reports. The same day alert is sent out via email every day at 6 P.M. eastern to notify traders of all trades for the day that are still unverified. The following morning, at 8 A.M. eastern, Rise sends a next morning email summary of all outstanding unverified trades from the previous day. This compliance report gives traders the ability to verify, unverify, and update deals before the cut off point of 9 A.M. eastern the following morning, and also alerts the risk management team of any violations.

Other features of our Trader EOD Sign-Off include the option to filter deal validations by date, legal entity, trader, pipeline, and point. Users also have the ability to look back into the system as far as they would like for deal status. Rise also offers multi-company deal types with this new feature. Additionally, previously verified transactions can become unlocked for changes by the confirmation manager, restarting the process and securing a necessary re-verification.

Through our Trader EOD Sign-Off, we strive to create a new industry standard that is preventive and reduces corporate risk. Through seamless and instantaneous data verification, Rise aims to reduce financial risk to our clients allowing them to no longer have to worry about the validity of their transactions. Ultimately, Rise’s Trader EOD Sign-Off raises the bar on accuracy through stronger compliance and allows for successful coordination with clients.

Rise is accessible and ready to answer all questions at all times via phone or email. To schedule a demo and find out more on how Rise can specifically benefit your business contact us at https://www.risesolutions.net/products.