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We offer three different educational programs


This program is open to anyone who wants to learn about the Oil & Gas Industry. Whether you're already employed and want to increase your skills, or you're looking to get a job at an energy company, this program is for you.

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This program is available to U.S. based universities and institutions who have a desire for their undergraduate or graduate students to learn the practical ins and outs of the Natural Gas industry.

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This Program is designed for professionals. Topics include contract administration, the buying, selling, storing, and transporting of natural gas, the buying and settling of derivatives, and controls and accounting procedures.

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What is Ascend Online?

This program is a set of online courses that will radically transform the Natural Gas industry (and its steep learning curve) as we know it. Available to the public, these courses will teach you the ins and outs of the Natural Gas industry from physical, operational and financial points of view.

The Value

Once completed, these courses will have given you a rich, holistic understanding of Natural Gas topics including the buying, selling, storing, and transporting of natural gas, the buying and settling of derivatives, as well as controls and accounting procedures. Learned in conjunction with one another, these topics will make you a powerful asset at literally any energy company lucky enough to have you walk in the door.

For Anyone

What's so unique about our courses is that they completely catch non-energy professionals up to speed on all things Natural Gas if they're looking to make a switch into the industry. There's a real, good chance you'll know more than most of the existing professionals in the industry by the time you're finished!

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What is Ascend Corporate?

This Program is a series of accredited continuing education courses designed specifically for professionals. We also offer seminars and intensives for entire companies.

Continuing Education or New Hire

Already in the Natural Gas industry but are looking to develop new skills, learn new areas and differentiate yourself from the competition in order to advance your career? Our courses are 100% designed with you in mind.

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